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From multidisciplinary and versatile training, I have always been attracted to painting in all its forms and on all media. On pebbles, on glass, on wood and finally on canvas, painting has always been a passion. Self-taught, my first paintings date back to twenty five years. Those were small canvases especially figurative art. It was only seven years ago that I explored the art and techniques of the abstract on bigger canvases. Painting allows me to travel. I hope one day to be able to turn my paintings into silent poetry and give free rein to critics to make them speak. My creations are plural, animated by the same passion; communicating through color and matter. Painting animates me with a range of emotions and I have shared this passion with my family, especially my daughters since they were little. 

We have experience in a range of media. If our style speaks to you, We would love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more and discuss how we can collaborate on whatever you have in mind.

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A paintbrush here, a colorful palette there, a big white tube of acrylic to lighten my colors, and time seems to no longer matter. The world of the arts has triggered waves of fascination in my mind, from the earliest years of childhood discovery onward. Growing up in an artistic family, my youth is filled with memories of Sunday afternoons crafting and painting with my mother and sister around a bonfire, and the palpable warmth of our shared passion. As I approach my twenty-first birthday, I still enjoy painting as much if not more than before. I aspire to continue exploring new techniques and styles and to dedicate as much time to creation as I can. I genuinely believe in the enormous benefits of having a regular creative practice and look forward to seeing where this project takes my mother and I next. 

My mom and I have shared a passion for painting and handmade creations for ten years and decided to create a shared social media presence to display our creations. We have different styles, color palettes, and inspirations but are always eager to work side by side on our projects! 

About: Bio
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